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Jun. 6th, 2012 10:04 pm
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This journal is a genderswapped version of the original character Matilda Reith @ [personal profile] pervertedhealer.
Musebox is here: http://sandbox-of-siv.dreamwidth.org/

Most of the information is the same. Universe data is the same.

Name: Matthias Reith
Age: 21
Hair: dark brown, subtly wavy, short, mostly slicked back
Eyes: green
Height: 5'7"
Species: Human
Occupation: healer/serum-maker
Weapon of choice: staff

Personality: Matthias is a soft-spoken young man with a lot on his mind, body and heart at any one time. While his mind may be filled with kink, his heart is filled with the infinite desire to care for others, while his body slowly succumbs to the illness that using his powers creates. He doesn't think of himself as rushing to his death, but it's not a goal that takes over his every thought.

With women, Matthias is accustomed to taking the lead and doting on them. It's not that he sees women as weaker (see his sister, for example,) but it's just a simple desire to make them happy and further raise their feelings about themselves. If he's asked to take a more passive role, however, he will accept that as well and act accordingly.

With men, it's more of a toss-up. Depending on the man, he can either be dominant or submissive. He is attracted to older-looking men with strength of various origins. Physical and mental strength both is a great turn-on.

Matthias loves to flirt and to appear to take it easy in just about everything. People that are older than him but have an unmistakeable charm or classy aura around them are bound to get his immediate approval.

Due to his illness (which is, in truth, a life oath to a god that his tribe worships,) which saps him of the ability to generate body heat, he favors warmer places and cuddling with people.

Appearance: Matthias is a somewhat lanky man dressed in a long white jacket and gray/blue clothing beneath, making him to resemble earth-world doctors, if only purely by accident. His body is quite scarred from his travels, and is littered with remnants of cuts and bullet wounds. Some of those bullet scars appear to have once been wounds that nearly penetrated his heart. His coat is often lined with a variety of concoctions, all written in his native tongue so no one outside of his tribe can efficiently use them against him.

Within modern AUs, Matthias likes to dress formally except during extreme weather. It is not uncommon for him to walk around in a suit.

Battle Style: "Once a solid defense is in place, no one can hurt you." He can create barriers that form more than just an aura in eight directions around himself, but above as well as below, so long as there is space for it to occupy. He uses these barriers as a battering ram when he's not on healing duty. There's not much else to it.

However, it does sap him of more of his energy and life, so he only resorts to this in emergencies.

The Oath: A bond forged between man and god. It designates that any power borrowed from the god is given in exchange for the life of the user. The wielder can use this power as long as they still cling to life. However, every use of this power cuts into their health and maximum life span. Depending on the toll wrought, users can have a relatively normal life, or have it very sharply cut short in a matter of years.

The power is the blessing of life itself. Matthias can use his own life to heal the wounds of others, as well as use the life of plants to create various poultices that otherwise would be impossible to create. However, this also has a downside: he cannot eat any plant life unless he is willing to endure the resulting effect(s). He has to be creative to keep up with his nutritional needs.

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